Chairman Message

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official site of The Commercial Real Estate Development Company - Bahrain, one of the companies owned by The Commercial Real Estate Company ‘Al-Tijaria – Kuwait’, which was established in the State of Kuwait in 1968, and while ‘Al-Tijaria – Kuwait’ approaches its  5th decade of establishment, its continues its positive contribution to its shareholders and the society, at the same time it also continues its regional and geographical expansions through the launch of The Commercial Real Estate Development Company in the Kingdom of Bahrain ‘Al-Tijaria – Bahrain’ in 2014. Stemming from the belief of ‘Al-Tijaria – Kuwait’ of the importance of a value-added land development, and in order to achieve this goal, an effective organizational structure has been built with continuous support from the consecutive, highly qualified Board of Directors, since 2000.

Al-Tijaria placement of conservative and promising strategic plans for expansion, development, and investments, have resulted in an exceptional financial results for the shareholders, ahead of most of the real estate companies in Kuwait and the GCC region.

Our success and achievement are strongly supported by a professional and highly qualified human resource who relay on teamwork to achieve the company's vision and strategies, creating a practical and innovative solutions that excel to meet the variable needs of our clients; and overcome challenges to discover innovative horizons that would in turn benefit our shareholders, partners, and the communities we work with. ‘Al-Tijaria – Kuwait’ over the years, enhanced its position as a leading real estate pillar and became a part and parcel of the urban projects development in the State of Kuwait.


At the Commercial Real Estate Company, we have developed concepts and principles that we always seek to achieve and are committed to them in the way we do things and proceed forward. These can be defined as the “5 T’s”.

  • Team work: work as "one for all & all for one" together everyone archives more.
  • Task: to know your tasks, you should know what, how and why?
  • Trust: mutual trust within the company; will be reflected and conveyed smoothly to others
  • Time Management: time is our most precious asset, we should invest it wisely.
  • Transparency: Information is more valued when it's exchanged in open way without secrets.


Today, as we have commenced our projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we are continuing our success story and renewing the covenant that we committed ourselves to, which is built on dedication, innovation, and improvement for a better future filled with achievements and innovative real-estate solutions, and to meet the requirements of our clients by offering real estate projects (residential and commercial) of high quality that would bring prosperity to the community, This is in line with our ambitions of becoming a proactive element in supporting the economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, creating job opportunities, and offering a brighter future for our sons and daughters, in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In conclusion and based on the open-door policy adopted by the company, we invite you to provide us with your valuable suggestions, which will help us improve the company’s performance and its service to our clients.

Mr. Abdulfatah M.R. MarafieCHAIRMAN